An experienced leader with many years of experience and a proven track record of customer focus, strategic planning and implementation of business and technology infrastructure.

  • Highly customer focused
  • Strategic, Integrated & Innovative Planning
  • Quality focused
  • Results driven
  • Flexible and adapts quickly to change
  • Specialist and broad technical skills focused on telecommunications, biomedical and electronics engineering.


Keeping roads to success clear and open.

Unwanted surprises can easily delay or derail an important program or project. But thankfully there’s a singular solution: project managers with an intense focus on client outcomes.

Our role is to help our clients clear the road to success of every conceivable obstacle or pitfall. And in many ways, the depth and breadth of our project management abilities are unique.


Our core belief is simple: there's a much better way to manage your projects.

For over seven years we've been helping top tier companies and marketing agencies sort out eye-watering levels of project management complexity: multiple tools, methodologies, stakeholders, lines of reporting - to name just a few.

Today, we're proud to report multiple victories: over 100 national and international clients. Whereas they used to have projects running off the rails; now they know how to keep their projects on track. The client benefits speak for themselves. Proactivity replaces reactivity. Clarity replaces opacity. Resource planning replaces ad hoc arrangements.

Nevertheless, there's no magic wand. To streamline work management, we must know our clients completely - which is why we embrace complexity. We live it, breathe it, map it, model it and simplify it. This ultimately underpins the second part of our core belief: the opportunity to solve these project management problems is open to everyone. Talk to us about how we can solve them for your agency or company today.



As your infrastructure grows, it can become increasingly difficult to track what's out there, how it's configured and which components each business service relies on.

However ongoing and automated discovery and dependency mapping tools can give you confidence in your complete infrastructure knowledge. These solutions can:

  • Provide automatic, ongoing discovery of any network connected device
  • Gather detailed configuration information from many technology types
  • Map dependencies between infrastructure components
  • Store the relationship data in a federated database for use by third party tools
  • Facilitate "what if" impact analysis scenarios for infrastructure outages
  • Monitor planned and unplanned changes to infrastructure configuration


A stable infrastructure monitoring platform is fundamental to any service monitoring initiative. Infrastructure monitoring can:

  • Discover layer two and three network topology
  • Discover key software present on server systems
  • Monitor fundamental infrastructure building blocks for availability and performance via agents or agentless polling


Operations management tools sit at the top of the BSM stack and provide a single point of contact for all enterprise wide incident and performance management data. These tools enable the concept of an "operations bridge" - a location where all IT services and infrastructure can be managed from.


Our office is conveniently located adjacent to Hfrealty Group.

Our staff are multi-lingual. Able to assist in

  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin

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